Graduation Yard Signs Parents Love and Graduates are Embarrassed By

When a student reaches this historic milestone, it’s a celebration for them, but also for their family. And let’s face it, as kids mature, a parent’s chances to humble brag about their achievements, and embarrass them in the process, grow slimmer. A graduation sign for the yard is the perfect way for a parent to honor their child’s achievement, let them know how proud they are and basically, tell the world their family is better than their neighbor’s.

All kidding aside, yard signs for graduating seniors or college yard signs for graduation are a staple of this right of passage for families, and a great way for schools to get their name out in the community and say, “that’s right, kids graduate from here!”

Graduation Yard Signs for Your High School or College

When ordering custom yard signs for graduating seniors you’ll need to choose between poly bag sleeve yard signs and corrugated plastic.

Poly bag sleeve signs are two-sided, so people will know how awesome your graduate is whether they are coming or going. At Sign Rocket, we have one, two and full color options, depending on how much you love your seniors. Just kidding! A one-color sign in school colors can be just as impactful as a full-color design.

Corrugated plastic signs are rugged and weather resistant, which is important for yard signs for graduating seniors in Minnesota–you never know, it could snow in May! These signs are also available in one-, two- or full-color.

What Is the Right Size for Graduation Yard Signs?

Most schools and colleges choose to get 18×24 inch yard signs for graduating seniors.

Don’t Forget to Order Stands!

If you go with the poly sleeve signs, you’ll need a standard “U” stand. And if you decide on the corrugated plastic signs, you’ll need the right size of “H” stands. They’re both so easy to assemble, you only need a grade school diploma to do it.

Use Our Free Design Services

We understand that somehow the responsibility for ordering the yard signs for graduating seniors fell to you. And we are betting this is not your only job. Well, making signs IS our only job, and we’ve been creating great, award-winning designs since 1987. Our team of in-house designers will continue to show you proofs and work with you until you’re satisfied.

Orders of Any Size Are Welcome

Our sign production process means we can accept orders for any size graduating class–and it’s still affordable.

Graduation is a once in a lifetime event. Contact Us to Speak with a SignRocket Design Specialist and tell the whole world, or at least the whole neighborhood, how proud you are of your seniors. Call 1-800-334-3240 to get started.