Elections & Political
Campaign Signs

Display support for your preferred candidate with custom election and political campaign yard signs. Our political campaign signs are available in corrugated plastic and poly bag, as well as one- or two-sided styles. You can choose the size and color of the election and political campaign yard signs you would like made.

SignRocket’s Custom Election & Political Campaign Yard Signs

SignRocket is proud to provide our customers with fast, reliable production of all our union-made election and political campaign yard signs, and complimentary design service to bring your yard sign statement to life.

Political Yard Sign Options

  • Shape: Rectangle, Square
  • Printed Sides: 1, 2
  • Material: Poly Bag, Corrugated Plastic

How to Order Custom Election & Political Campaign Yard Signs

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your sign to look like or haven’t considered it at all, our team can help you get the ball rolling. If you have the artwork ready, you can submit AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, and high resolution JPEG files when you order your signs. For those needing design ideas, select “Design it for me. Please call me to get started.” from the artwork options drop-down. Our team will give you a call same-day to begin your free design services. You will see a proof of concept before we print to ensure you’re happy with your custom election & political campaign yard signs.

We print in-house faster than our competitors, so you can be certain that not only will you receive your signs quickly, but they’re made in our union shop where we support our employees with competitive pay, health insurance and pension plans.

We offer expedited options for faster production times and will never over-promise deadlines just to get the sale. You’ll know exactly how and when your signs will be available when you purchase. And you’ll enjoy free shipping on all of our 18” x 24” signs.

Custom Election & Political Campaign Yard Sign Tips

Stand out from the crowd! The biggest purpose for an election or political campaign yard sign is to stand out from the rest and raise the name recognition of your candidate. Following these tips can help you ensure you make an impact.

Remember Name, Slogan, Title, Etc.

This may seem like it’s a no brainer, but the fastest way to keep your political yard sign from making any impact is to forget the most important aspect: who or what others should vote for. Center your design around making the candidate’s name, recognizable slogan, or the title of the law or proposition. Choose whichever is easiest to recognize once the individual enters the ballot box. That may mean using the proposition number instead of a long, cumbersome title, or the candidate’s first name in a font larger than the last name if they share a similar surname with another candidate. Start with making sure viewers know who or what you are supporting with your custom election or political campaign yard sign.

Consider the Size of the Sign

There are local rules and regulations regarding how large a custom election sign can be — so make sure you check out what your municipality allows — but, in general, you don’t want to go smaller than the standard 18 in. x 24 in. used for plastic political yard signs. If you’re able to go larger, it will give you more room to include additional information or increase the font size.

Opt for Larger Font Sizes

Remember: just because you can read your political campaign sign from arms reach, that doesn’t mean people can read it from the sidewalk or street as they walk or drive by. The larger the name or title (the important info mentioned in the first bullet), the more likely it will be seen and remembered.

Choose Bright, Contrasting Colors

Like choosing larger font sizes, using bright, contrasting colors that won’t blend into the surroundings is important to make sure people see the sign and remember the information.

Understand Local Disclaimer Regulations

Your signs may require disclaimers printed somewhere on them to show who paid for the advertising. Because the requirements change from municipality to municipality, check with your local regulations first to be sure you include the necessary information on your sign.

Order Early

We pride ourselves on fast, reliable service, but lead times can change quickly during campaign season. Order your political campaign signs earlier rather than later to ensure you get the longest available use out of them before elections.

Get Professional Help With Your Custom Election Yard Signs

Still not sure how you want your custom election and political campaign yard sign to look? SignRocket provides free design help to make sure that your political yard sign stands out. Check out our Yard Sign Design Ideas or give us a call at 1-800-334-3240.