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If three points determine a plane, then three people have determined the course and steady trajectory of SignRocket. Established in 1987, SignRocket ascended rapidly in the yard sign market primarily on the backs of owner Lex Winger, his brother Brian and Dee Roesler. With a penchant toward forward thinking and a love for tinkering, Lex blew open the doors of the poly sleeve sign industry in 2006 by developing and manufacturing the first poly sleeve sign press utilizing the screen print process. In 2020 we converted the process to digital printing, allowing the only full color poly bag signs on the market. For many years printing on poly sleeves had been confined to flexographic printing with high set-up costs making it impractical for smaller runs. This may all sound like jargoneeze, but try this, you may now buy 25 to 1000 yard signs for almost 40% less than you used to! Not bad huh? This kind of creativity and ingenuity is what keeps Lex happy, and SignRocket’s prices some of the lowest in the biz!

Like working with someone who totally enjoys their job? Then we’ve got someone we’d like you to meet! Running the SignRocket design team since 1987, Dee Roesler’s cheery demeanor and industry knowledge make her a pleasure to work with day in and day out. Be prepared to be known on a first name basis for Dee has that way with people. She’ll probably be your point man through the process, for Dee oversees most jobs from design to approval, and that’s a good thing.

Spearheading the burgeoning digital printing dept. is the latest challenge for co-founder Brian Winger. A throwback to the days when signs were made by paint and brush he’s learned the industry from the ground up. His laid back approach ensures that your best interests are always being put first.

We are a fully automated union shop dedicated to efficiency. Our presses have been custom designed and built in-house. Because of this, we simply print faster than our competitors, allowing us to pay our employees well and provide health insurance and pension plans. Our industry leading efficiency also allow us to sell to our valued customers at rock bottom prices!

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